Do You Listen to Your Body?

Do you ever get that feeling in your gut that something is wrong? Maybe it’s not in your gut. Maybe you get a headache, a tingling in your hands, shivers up your spine, or some other physical sensation that tells you something is wrong.

Do you listen? Or do you just plow ahead anyway?

Recently, I was reminded again of how important it is to listen to your body.

I had been working on my chapter for the book X-Factor: The Spiritual Secrets of Successful Executives and Entrepreneurs (which will be released on October 15th on Kindle). I had a draft done, but I wasn’t liking it. Something felt off.

Now, I know the feeling of anxiety or stress before you publish something in writing – anyone who writes anything in the public domain knows this tension. But that’s more like ski slope fear. It’s a tightening of your gut, it’s that sense of what the heck am I doing, but it’s the kind of fear that you know you need to just push through, to be brave.

The feeling I had about my chapter was more like my stomach was in knots, my whole body was screaming “Noooooo”. But I wasn’t sure why.

Was this just fear I needed to push through or was something really wrong?

I got a second opinion. Turns out, my body’s rebellion wasn’t off. There WERE changes I needed to make to the chapter. I just couldn’t quite see exactly what they were. (Thank God for good friends and editors!)

Once I backed up and listened, I could rewrite the chapter more clearly, more on point, and better for me and my future readers. Phew! What a relief.

Our bodies, and the feelings in our bodies, are one way that our higher selves can communicate with us.

Yes, sometimes it’s our egos trying to stop us, but that feels different, more on the surface. If you sit with that feeling, you can usually discern that it’s something that just needs to be done, even though it may be uncomfortable.

But sometimes our higher selves call time out. Those are feelings that should not be pushed through, they should be listened to.

I used to get feelings like that at work when something was off. I ignored them enough to learn that I really needed to listen. It got so that my team learned to listen to my intuition too. If I felt something was off, it usually was.

If you’re feeling something in your body and you’re not sure what or why, I hope you have a trusted friend or advisor that can help you sort it out, because sometimes it’s hard to know the difference between ego fear and intuition talking.

The best news is that I’m looking forward to sharing that chapter with you now

so stay tuned for more info. Because it’s not just my chapter, it’s a world of wisdom from 30 other leaders too!

In the meantime, I’m paying attention to my body. I know it’s often my higher self tapping me on the shoulder. I hope you’re paying attention too!

P.S. Do you have a story about how your body gave you signals that something was wrong and you changed your path? I’d love to hear about it. Send me an email, and tell me about it!


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