Women Want Purposeful Work – Not Just a 9-to-5 Job.

Many women talked about having personally meaningful work that connects to their values, purpose, and work-life balance.” (Center for Creative Leadership)

But there are so many factors that can get in the way …

Conflicting priorities and demands from bosses, teams, colleagues, family, friends, and achieving personal goals; Guilt around not being there for their children; Burn out, exhaustion, stress and anxiety; Financial obligations and needs; Their own expectations/standards – Not to mention the challenges of the workplace itself …



But do the obstacles seem almost insurmountable?

By Karen Ann Bulluck

Karen is a Transcendent Leadership specialist with over 30 years of experience in the global leadership space. A certified professional coach and bestselling author, she inspires female leaders to take their lives and leadership to new levels of meaning and success.   karen@livingalifeofmeaning.com

Women Often Feel They Must Conform to A Higher Standard to Succeed

A big cause of burnout is the high expectations placed on women leaders.
Researcher Michelle P. King, author of The Fix: Overcoming the Invisible Barriers That
are Holding Women Back at Work and TedX speaker observed:

Women have a very narrow range of behaviors they can engage in at work if they want to be accepted and succeed.” It is not enough for women to be good at their job. Women need to display their competence and leadership capability in a way that conforms to gender stereotypes. This means doing your job well, while ensuring you are coming across as warm, friendly, kind, modest, sympathetic, and pleasant. If women don’t do this, they will be perceived as competent but not likable.”
I see so many women twist themselves into knots to meet some arbitrary standard of leadership, to demonstrate all
the most positive traits of both men and women. They feel like they have to act and be “perfect” to be taken
seriously. . . and even then, they get can be criticized for being too “aggressive” when they speak up.

Part of being a Transcendent Leader is bringing the best “YOU” to the table by developing a strong and powerful State of Being, by feeling and being FREE to fully express yourself. I know I’ve worked hard to get out of the shadow of that higher standard, to express myself freely and fully. It can be done, even in a conservate corporate world

Women Take Fewer Risks Than Men … Especially Under Stress

Burnout and stress inhibit women’s ability to take appropriate risk. Research has repeatedly shown that, in general, men take more risks than women. Further studies have demonstrated that under stress – and who isn’t under stress in the workplace these days – male risk-taking tends to increase and female risk-taking tends to decrease. And this is actually one of the reasons why it’s so important to have both men and women on teams and in leadership. Yet, there are times when women need to take more risks, especially women in leadership. (Harvard Business Review)

I’ve witnessed so many women over the years who have hesitated to jump into new situations or take on new responsibilities because they are not sure they will get it right and meet or exceed all expectations.

Sometimes, as research shows, that’s because women feel like job requirements are just that… requirements. They think they have to have all the boxes checked before raising their hands, something we are learning is just not true. But other times, they worry … Do I have all the qualifications? Am I enough? What if I make a mistake? Many times, the hesitation to take risks is driven by perfectionism and self-criticism. Believe me. I’ve been there.

AWARENESS, one of the pillars of the TRANSCENDENCE Approach, can help you silence the inner critic and move you toward taking the risks that you need to take to make a bigger contribution. I’m passionate about risk-taking.  I made a career (and a life) of jumping into completely new situations and taking risks, sometimes crazy ones!  You too can learn to embrace the unknown and take the calculated risks you need to take to have a career and a life that richer and more meaningful.

Women Take Fewer Risks Than Men … Especially Under Stress

When it comes to communication, “women in the workplace often face an impossible choice between being assertive and perceived as pushy or being conciliatory and perceived as weak.” (Huffington Post.)

It’s not that they aren’t good communicators. Women are frequently much better communicators than men. The issue often cited is style, and there are dozens of great articles and training for women on communication style. These can all be very helpful, but they only address the surface.

What’s going on behind your communication style? What hidden beliefs and unconscious conditioning are impacting your clarity, your sense of wellbeing, and your overall presentation to the world?

CLARITY, another pillar of the TRANSCENDENCE Approach, is at the core of great communication. Clarity about who you are, what matters to you, and what your values are. I’ve always believed that strong written and oral communication skills were one of the foundations of my success. As an author and speaker, communication is one of my sweet spots. But you don’t have to be a writer to be the kind of communicator that will expand your influence and get the results you desire.

“Individuals with a calling orientation often describe their work as integral to their lives and their identity. They view their career as a form of self-expression and personal fulfillment.” (Psychology Today)

Are you ready to TRANSCEND and live a life of deeper meaning?

You are already successful.

But you deserve to make the bigger contribution that you know, deep in your heart, you can make – despite or even because of the challenges in your workplace!

You can have:

        • limitless energy
        • get off the treadmill
        • let go of perfectionism
        • honor your values
        • feel powerful and centered
        • own your presence
        • AND create powerful boundaries to educate people how to treat you!

The three pillars of the TRANSCENDENCE Methodology are CONNECTION, CLARITY, and AWARENESS. Connection (Faith) is tapping into and leveraging the power of higher consciousness. Clarity is knowing what matters, being clear on what’s important. And Awareness is identifying and reprogramming the limiting beliefs and culture conditioning that keep women from reaching their full potential. These are the cornerstones of the creating a deep and meaningful life, without the stress, overwhelm and exhaustion.

The next steps are easy:

    1. Schedule a free one-hour consultation to explore what’s possible for you!
    2. Become present to the cost of what you’re tolerating in your life.
    3. Commit to the journey of Transcending limitations in all areas of your life.