I Froze Under Pressure

I’m feeling a little like Simone Biles today …

I had a draft of this article done. It actually was about Simone Biles and the tragedy that led to her withdrawal from most of her Olympic events, but I didn’t like it. It wasn’t what you wanted to hear, really.

So, now what should I write about? It’s Thursday. I’m due to post an article, and my mind is blank … or was blank.

I usually do well under pressure. I’ve always managed to come through when there’s a deadline. It’s part of what made me successful in the corporate world.

But writing like this? It doesn’t seem to want to comply with my deadlines. I think I have ideas. I make drafts early in the week, but when Thursday comes, somehow they don’t seem to work. They’re too preachy, too pretentious, too something that I’m not comfortable sending out to you.

Like today.

What happened to Simone Biles was a tragedy that with her grace and charm and poise, she turned into a triumph of sorts.

Not the one we were expecting, but a triumph nonetheless. We’ll always remember her smiling face, cheering loudly for teammates and competitors alike, not showing the frustration and disappointment that she had to be feeling.

She had the weight of the world on her shoulders, and she said it was too much. Her brain literally stopped communicating with her body. She had to step away.

Okay. So, I don’t have the weight of the world on my shoulders. I have only my own expectations for myself and perhaps a little anticipation from you. I’m not going to make global headlines if I miss a Thoughtful Thursdays post.

But I will be disappointed in myself. I will feel bad about not keeping the commitment I made to myself and you. And there’s pressure in that.

A different kind of pressure, to be sure. But it’s amazing what pressure we put on ourselves. It’s not enough that we get pressure from others, we have to heap it on ourselves, sometimes more heavily than anyone else would.

Do you do that?

A funny thing happened though. I decided that I didn’t have to write this article today.

I released the pressure, and guess what? The words started to flow.

Ahhhh… the relief. The joy.

It’s good to have goals, deadlines, aspirations. Beating myself up about them, not so good.

Simone Biles gave us a different perspective of grace under pressure last week.

I think I needed her perspective. How about you?

With light and love,


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