Is Stress Impacting Your Relationships?

In my previous article, I talked about the importance of carving out a bit of a Sabbath each week, a time to relax, reflect, and connect with the Higher Self. But wow, did I get a reinforcement of THAT message in a big way on my vacation last week.

My husband Reed and I always have a great time on vacation, and we always enjoy each other too. Last week, it really struck me how much the everyday stress of his job, my work, and my family situation have impacted our relationship.

Because while we were traveling together, we had an almost completely different relationship than we do at home.

Is that an exaggeration? Yeah, maybe a bit. But the contrast to me was pretty stark last week. Reed didn’t work much while we were away. Neither did I. We relaxed, enjoyed our surroundings, enjoyed the friends we were visiting, and really enjoyed each other. It was wonderful.

I felt connected to him in a deep way that I haven’t felt for a while, and he felt the same way.

And then we came back to the “real world”. On the drive home, he took a couple of work calls. (Don’t worry, I was driving.) And boom, we were back in stress land. The ease of our relationship slipped away in a few short hours as the stress and anxiety of the real world came back like a tidal wave.

I realized that unplugging and connecting with our Higher Self isn’t only important for myself, it’s also important for my relationships.

We’re never our best selves when we are knee-deep in stress and worry.

That’s why time away is so important … whether it’s a full-blown vacation or just a few hours on a weekend. It reminds us of our best selves. It gives us a chance to get back to them, to remember, and hopefully to hold onto when we re-engage with the world.

Did Reed and I lose all the magic from our week together on the drive home? Of course not. It’s still there this week, lingering on our consciousness, reminding us of how good we can be together. It’s keeping us just a little more anchored this week, a little more calm.

So, how did you do with the two-hour break challenge from two weeks ago? I cheated and went on vacation, but boy, what a difference it’s made. Did your break help you?

Being available to work all the time is accepted and nearly expected in our culture, but it doesn’t really serve any of us, including the people that expect it.

Take your breaks, your Sabbath, and your full, unplugged vacation. Enjoy them… and enjoy the ones you love. I know I did … and I’m looking forward to more of it! 🌴

With love and light,


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