Growth Opportunities for Leaders and Teams

Because your teams are busy … especially your leaders.

Free 45-, 60- or 90-minute sessions for organizations and/or their leadership teams.

Karen’s Lunch ‘n Learn presentations are:
  • Entertaining and educational
  • Easily digestible
  • Provide actionable steps that have immediate impact
  • Create opportunities to discuss key corporate challenges
  • And build cohesiveness and common ground for those who participate

Customize one of the topics listed below or work with Karen to create a session that targets your organization’s immediate objectives.

For Your Leadership Team(s):
  • Are your KPIs, Quotas, & Goals The Biggest Barriers To Productivity In Your Business?
    • Identifying the mixed messages in your KPIs, quotas, and objectives
    • Why you as a leader and organization tolerate non-adherence to KPI performance
    • Developing a strategy for teamwork not competition
    • Mastering the stress/disempowerment about meeting KPIs and objectives
  • The Shifting Tides of Leadership: What’s Needed To THRIVE In The New Normal
    • The impact of the pandemic on expectations of leaders
    • Leadership response to heightened uncertainty
    • Strategies for navigating uncertainty with confidence and assurance
  • Responding to the Great Resignation: Create A Culture Where People Belong
    • Behind the numbers, the triggers underneath the massive number of people that have or are leaving the corporate world,
    • Evaluating the well-being of your teams
    • Starting points for cultivating a culture of belonging
  •  Raising Productivity: It’s Not What You Do … It’s Who You Are Being
    • Why “doing leadership” doesn’t work
    • What is “being leadership”?
    • Three ways “being leadership” improves productivity
For Everyone:
  • Getting Off the Treadmill of Overwhelm, Anxiety, and Stress to Improve the Quality of Your Life
    • Identify the payoffs and costs of staying on the treadmill
    • Reading the signs of your anxiety and stress – mental health status
    • Learning to respond & transcend with clarity and calm
  •  Your Relationship to Your Body Image and Confidence Is Impacting Your Career Success (or Promotability)
    • Uncovering the truth about body image – self-worth/self-value
    • Strategies to change your mindset
    • Projecting confidence from the inside out – owning your presence

Help your teams take the first steps toward Transcendent Leadership!

The next steps are easy:

    1. Schedule a free one-hour consultation to explore what’s possible for your organization!
    2. Identify a topic, time and place that works. (Virtual or In-Person*)
    3. Let Karen and her team provide your organization a Lunch ‘n Learn that everyone will remember.
Ten Benefits of Lunch ‘n Learn Sessions*:
  • Make excellent use of time, which is already limited throughout the day.
  • An informal setting that creates a better channel for understanding and getting the direct point across.
  • Group training that reinforces the overall company culture.
  • Create critical awareness for issues at hand.
  • Effectively introduce new concepts.
  • Boost employee morale.
  • Build and maintain teamwork skills.
  • Enhance team communication.
  • Advance company training initiatives.
  • Allow a level of expertise to be shared amongst employees.

*Adapted from American Management Association


6-Month Partnership Program

Supportive, Empowering, Co-Creative

At TRANSCENDENCE: Living A Life of Meaning Executive Coaching Practice, I partner with executive women to realize their full potential, live of life of great meaning, and fulfill their destiny, the “why they are here” . . .

However, I often witness women who are giving from an empty cup.  They feel exhausted, stressed, overwhelmed, and anxious a lot of the time. They are on a constant treadmill they do not know how to stop. They are haunted by perfectionism, compromising their values at every turn, and frequently distrusting and confused. They have become disconnected from their essence for they are serving everyone but themselves and are feeling powerless to find THEIR center. They are also often conflicted because they know they deserve more, but ultimately, they feel underappreciated or even completely unappreciated.

Sound familiar? And here is the irony, they keep giving even in the face of all of this!

The TRANSCENDENCE Leadership private 1-1 6-month coaching partnership program is a supportive, empowering, and co-creative process for you to emerge as a truly effective and inspiring BEING: one who has a clear vision, is connected to the universal force, and has mastered internal beliefs and conditioning.

Transcendence Leadership one-on-one coaching supports you in developing the resources, understanding, and knowledge you need to achieve YOUR desired results through the power of intuitive questions and insightful observation. The partnership is custom designed to meet your specific needs and goals, enabling you to emerge with the leadership presence necessary to lead yourself and your teams to their fullest potential.

The program is designed specifically to empower women in C-Suite and Senior Executive roles, or those striving to attain them. We will partner with you to develop a transcendent level of consciousness, grounded in your own experience of faith, that will enable you to create an environment that seeks the highest good for all, including yourself.

The Coaching program is delivered weekly in 1-hour sessions for a 6-month period (24 sessions), which can be adapted to meet your schedule and pace.

Each session builds on the previous as you work through the pillars, foundations, and practices of the TRANSCENDENCE Methodology to create your own unique Transcendent Leadership style.

The partnership is broken down into 3 trimesters yet customized for each client’s specific needs personally & professionally!

1st Trimester: EXPLORE

  • Weeks 1-4: ALIGNMENT
  • Weeks 5-8: INTEGRITY

 2nd Trimester: INTEGRATE

  • Weeks 8-12: MINDSET MASTERY

 3rd Trimester: FLOURISH

  • Weeks 17-20: PURPOSE/DESTINY

 If you feel ready to give from a cup that is fuller than full and experience:

Limitless energy ◊ Getting off that treadmill ◊ Letting go of perfectionism ◊ Honoring your values ◊ Learning to trust and get crystal clear on what YOUR needs are ◊ Connecting to your essence and source ◊ Putting the oxygen mask on yourself first ◊ Feeling powerful and centered ◊ Owning your presence ◊ Powerful boundaries to educate people how to treat you and honor the gifts that you were given ◊ Connecting to Source to access flow, tap into your GPS system your intuition and honor the art of giving in a way that SERVES YOU as well as others.


12-Week ‘Living a Life of Meaning”

 The ‘LIVING A LIFE OF MEANING’ group coaching program is a 12-week online program that will kickstart your journey to being a Transcendent Leader.

Explore the pillars, foundations, and practices of the TRANSCENDENCE approach with the support of your peers in an online setting.

The Transcendent Leadership 12 Week Online Group Coaching Program can be delivered to the public and or customized as a private program for organizations.

Each program is designed to serve 10 highly motivated and committed female Executives, Leaders, or Business Owners, who are ready to start BEING leaders rather than DOING leadership.

The next public class will begin on Tuesday, March 14, 2023.
Live sessions will be held at 7:00 pm ET / 6:00 pm CT / 4:00 pm PT and will be recorded.

We’ll meet weekly (with one break) through Tuesday, June 6. This will be a great way to powerfully set yourself up to soar in 2023!

The full schedule is on the week description tiles below or email me for a copy! 

Be prepared to commit for the full 12-week period.

What you will receive:

  • Major traction in 90 days
  • Focused accountability
  • Sustained momentum
  • Regular and consistent coaching with Karen Ann Bulluck – personally and professionally (anything goes) – most priceless aspect of the program
  • Cross-leveraging the knowledge of others in the program
  • Gaining different and holistic perspectives
  • Motivation – group support
  • Co-creative brainstorming
  • Mentoring where necessary
  • Buddy Support – you will be paired with a fellow participant as an added support structure


  1. Program is facilitated online by Karen Ann Bulluck – Transcendence Leadership Coach with 30 years of experience in the leadership space globally
  2. 12 themes outlined in this online program are critical to evolving leadership capability and performance
  3. A private Facebook group created to maintain momentum/share experiences
  4. Small intimate group of 10 allows for more personalized one-to-one support
  5. Sustainability plan implemented to ensure participants embody, integrate, and sustain teachings after program completion
  6. Increased achievement in personal and professional lives of those who may be stuck in the ‘HOW’
  7. Leveling up for those who have reached a plateau in their leadership capability
  8. Those who are tired of the excuses can improve their relationship to resilience, discipline, and integrity
  9. Become more effective with time/diary management and working to plan
  10. Create the future you want personally and professionally devoid of any influence from the past
  11. Experience more quality time, more love, more energy, more results, more exuberance, more passion, and more aligned purpose
  12. Become proficient in detriggering from any internal and external situation quickly and learn to maintain an empowered state
  13. Become more masterful in dealing with conflict
  14. Upskill communication skills personally and professionally
  15. Learn to achieve not only transformative results but transcendent results for life!

Continue in 2022 and beyond being powerfully supported to not only achieve your goals but exceed them beyond imagining!

12 Key Benefits of The Program



You will gain CLARITY on what you wish to achieve and complete 2022 in a powerful way.

Class Date: March 14, 2023



Learn to be your word and be accountable to yourself in a new and purposeful way, grounded in understanding what it means to be committed in a way you have never been.

Date: March 28, 2023



You will learn how to identify your core values and make them the foundation of your life in a way you never have before.

Date: April 4, 2023



Transform conditioned beliefs – You will learn how to unearth your beliefs and past-based conditioning and rewire that circuitry so that you create a future devoid of past negative behavior.

Date: April 11, 2023



You will discover what you tolerate personally and professionally and how these tolerations have impacted your life with the aim of living and leading a toleration FREE life!

Date: April 18, 2023



You will learn how to leverage THE POWER SOURCE (whatever that is for you) and create an alliance with that source such that you can create whatever your heart (or soul) desires.

Date: April 25, 2023


WELLBEING (Personal Boundaries)

You will learn how to live a stress-free life where you honor the vessel in a way that enables you to have limitless energy.

Date: May 2, 2023



You will learn how to communicate effectively and openly, which will enhance the quality of relationships and positively impact your success in life and business.

Date: May 9, 2023



You will learn to live in alignment with SOURCE and honor your word completely.

Date: May 16, 2023



MISSION/CALLING. You will learn what purpose your life and experiences have prepared you for and claim the calling for this stage of your life.

Date: May 23, 2023



You will learn how important gratitude is in creating your life’s experiences along with easy but powerful practices to help you.

Date: May 30, 2023



You will experience the practical application of all that you have learned in the past 12 weeks and know how to integrate the teachings to sustain momentum long after the program has ended.

Date: June 6, 2023



Are you looking for a life-changing leadership event?

The TRANSCENDENCE Leadership workshop is a highly interactive experience that helps participants take an active step toward truly understanding the power of Transcendent Leadership.  Engaging and customizable, this workshop will help participants build a deeper knowledge of their purpose, their level of alignment and integrity, and their state of being. All the while, shifting to a higher consciousness in all three areas is key to effective leadership.

 Participants will learn to increase their awareness of self, others, community, and society as they walk through the Three Pillars of the TRANSCENDENCE Approach.

 Top 12 Benefits of the Workshop are:

  1. Learning the benefits of Transcendent Leadership.
  2. Learning the art of ‘owning’ your leadership presence.
  3. Gaining access to proven tools and techniques that will immediately elevate your leadership capability and performance.
  4. Learning how and why you should deepen your awareness, attunement, and alignment with whatever your interpretation of your faith is.
  5. Learning how to strengthen your connection to your intuition, your internal GPS system.
  6. Learning how to leverage the wisdom of universal consciousness.
  7. Learning the art of BEING leadership v DOING leadership to produce and accelerate exponential results.
  8. Learning how to enhance your communication skills for both personal and professional benefit.
  9. Learning the importance of mindset mastery and what it means to master the ‘inner game’.
  10. Learning how to live a life of greater meaning so that you can make a more significant impact on the planet.
  11. Learning the importance of personal boundaries and behavioral boundaries to become more productive in your personal and professional life.
  12. Learning how to navigate uncertainty in these uncertain times.
    • And much more . . .

Book a free Exploratory Session to discuss your workshop needs and goals.



A powerful storyteller and passionate speaker, Karen Ann Bulluck will challenge, educate, and inspire your audience to take their leadership and their lives to new levels. With so many people searching for meaning in their work and their lives, Karen’s keynotes provide timely and relevant information and tools for leaders in any type of organization.

Karen’s keynotes focus on the following customizable themes:

  • Risk-Taking: “Do I Turn the Plane Upside Down Now?” – How risk-taking bridges the divide between certainty and uncertainty.
  • Asking for What You Want: “It’s Not a Crime . . .” – Women are often shamed for speaking up and asking for what they want, they’re called aggressive or pushy, but asking for what you want is the only way to get it. (Specifically for female audiences)
  • Embracing the Unknown: “How Can I Be Transcendent When Every Day Brings a New Crisis?” – How to transcend the struggle and chaos of today’s world and live a life of greater meaning.

Building on the powerful TRANSCENDENCE Approach, Karen customizes each speech for your specific event. Your audience will leave with actionable ideas and practices that will instantly transform their leadership presence and performance.

Book a free call to discuss your event requirements.



Transcendent Leadership Development Consultancy serves ambitious leaders of organizations ready to experience an evolved corporate culture.

Every organization, regardless of size, sector, or structure, has its foundation in people and the interactions between them. Transcendent leaders understand this fact and use it to create an environment where people can grow and thrive.

TRANSCENDENCE offers bespoke leadership consultancy that teaches leaders the art of being a leader rather than doing leadership, thereby increasing overall corporate efficacy, productivity and profits. It lays a foundation for real, sustainable change in your organization’s culture.

All development consultancy agreements are customized and based on clear, mutually agreeable outcomes from a Return on Investment (ROI) perspective. We guarantee to fulfill the commitment set out in our agreement. Changes in performance will be clear and measurable via case study accountability.

Book a free, no-obligation meeting to discuss your organization’s goals.